Monday, 9 June 2014

Break up sementara

Percaya atau tak dah almost 4 hari tak contact secara normal. Kantung air mata takyah cakap la weh hahaa pantang duk sengsorang diam diam keluar je tanpa dipinta cewah gituew.

Bukan takboleh tak contact. Aku sumpah tak sedih kalau takat takleh contact 4,5 hari. Imma strong girl and I know that. Cuma...

This time, its different from the others. 
Kali ni bukan main main lagi dah :(. "Break up sementara" 

This is what we've been up to. Takde terma couple dah. Masing masing ambik haluan masing masing and move on with our life. And itu yang buat hati sayu sikit. Sebab takkan ambik tau pasal masing masing dah lepasni. There will be no more person whose going to spoil me again after this. Ergh such a spoilt girlfriend I am hahaa but yet, I am the one who want this. I want to be apart from him. I want to be separated from his life for the time being.

Now wait, it is not that bad, we're just waiting for the right time to be in love again. And it is only until we both sure that we are ready for the next phase 

I want this date to be remarkable. 8 June 2014 will definitely will be the turning point for our future. Semoga ada jodoh kita untuk jumpa lagi lepasni. I'll pray for that. I really will


@-}---- 1st day without you and im hoping these days will pass soon. Real soon